3ndy Studio Headquarters

The new 3ndy Studio headquarters, opened in September 2010 in Vigonovo (Venezia), is a praiseworthy example of architectural recovery and energetic adjustment of an ancient industrial building. The project establishes in an old disused shoes factory, which is a characterizing element of the urban and productive fabric of the Riviera del Brenta, located between Padua and Venice. When this building was acquired it was in good structural condition, however the disuse and the following neglect during the last ten years, contributed to set a situation of serious decay: the site looked like a dump, full of waste production due to leather processing, which smelt bad and expelled dangerous and flammables liquids. The recovery project set itself to synthetize the primal structure of the building by a contemporary lecture, giving contemporarily and preserving the historical memory, that otherwise would have been lost forever. The renovation of the building allowed us to increase the quality of the inhabitant’s lives and to safeguard at the same time the collective memories of the city. Moreover, the commutation entailed a big energy saving during the building process (recovery of existent raw materials, better use of existent infrastructures, better logistic and transports, reducing waste production). Moreover 3ndy Studio focused its project on energetic increasing: the new office was given the eminent Award “Classe A CasaClima”, due to the achievement of the energy saving standard of 26Kwh/sq of medium consumption against the 180Kwh/sm usually spent by a traditional building. At the end of the construction process, the building has been tested by a “blower door test”, in order to verify the hermetic sealing of the casing. The result, which was of almost n50 0.6/h, compared the building to a “passive house”, which means that this building has no draughts and it has no heating dispersion.

Project name: 3ndy Studio Headquarters
Project by: 3ndy Studio
Location of project: Via Pava, 58 – Vigonovo (VE) – Italy
Client: 3ndy Studio
Year of completion: 2010
Area (square meters): 440sqm
Use: Offices
Main contractor: Impresa Costruzioni Canova
Photos: 3ndy Studio