Inside Village Pereri, located at a few steps from the center of Fossò, near Venice, there is a new place to live, in an area served by public transport and in contact with nature, connected with the city bike path and equipped with spacious green areas and a playground for children with places dedicated to rest and relaxation.
MoreHouse stands for a new concept of home, a new design, a wide selection of new homes for every need, for everyone: singles, couples, families with children. All in complete independence.
Services: the new units have large parking, each house also has its own garden with car parking places, in addition to the double garage.
The living units: extremely eco-friendly, made with the highest quality materials and high-performance insulating windows, equipped with the state-of-the-art equipment, allowing a higher energy saving and lower management cost.

Project name: MoreHouse
Project by: 3ndy Studio
Location of project: Fossò (VE) – Italy
Client: LDM Studio
Year of completion: In progress
Area (square meters): 1200 sqm
Use: Residential
Main contractor: Geotecno di Tonino Crose
Render: 3ndy Studio