Corten Pavilion

3ndy studio oversaw the conservative restructuring of the rural thatched house named “Casone Azzurro” and the building of an annexed New Touristic Pavilion for tourist hospitality.
The whole complex forms a single facility, which is open to the public and offers a unique tourist’s experience. The new pavilion is inspired to the surrounding environment and adopts the shapes and colors that already exist in nature, interpreting the rural world of which the “Casone” has been a part. The grove of reeds, which appears to the eye as a pictorial sketch of repeated vertical elements to form a dense brown-green wall, inspired the creation of the main facade, the key element of the entire building.
The New Touristic Pavilion is a high-performing building that take advantage of the passive solar buildings, with wide windows (glazing) on the southern facing side of the building in order to absorb the sun’s heat energy to warm a building during the winter. In order to stay cool in the summer, the New Touristic Pavilion rely on a system of shading made by the Corten hurdle in order to keep the building cool. Sunlight was a key influence in the design process.
The structure elegantly takes advantage of changing light patterns throughout the day, harnessing natural light to create a ‘dynamic atmosphere’ through the pavilion’s Corten façade.
This both floods the spaces and helps shape the character of the rooms inside. Simply by building the pavilion in this way, 3ndy Studio has reduce its heating and cooling costs by 75%.

Project name: Corten Pavillion
Project by: 3ndy Studio
Location of project: Arzergrande (VE) – Italy
Client: Comune Arzergrande
Year of completion: 2015
Use: Touristic
Main contractor: Impresa Edile Barizza S.A.S. di Barizza Gianfranco & C.
Photos: Riccardo Spinello