Red Stone House

The house is set in the countryside of the Veneto region, near Liettoli, which is a hamlet of Campolongo Maggiore (Venezia), few kilometers far from Padua.
Our suggestion, that has been approved successfully by the customer, is creating an absolutely modern mansion and, in the meanwhile, perfectly integrating it with the surrounding landscape, by using materials and shapes tunefully.
This house wants to frame the countryside and to make it the main character of the project: two visual cones focuses towards south-east by four radial walls. The two mean volumes are linked to a third, which is smaller and emptied in order to have a green inner patio: the internal garden, that becomes in this way the heart of the building.
The living area and the owner’s room open up to the garden and to the swimming pool, however, each of the other rooms has a very good panorama or opens into the inner garden.
The residence is set on a flat floor, so it is both introspective and panoramic: this double feature makes people who lived in it, feeling like if they were in a jewel box and it is the distinctive feature of the project.
This house represents both the willing of not falling into fallacy and the brave decision of making architecture without falling into the temptation of property speculation which has driven us to the degradation which is becoming more and more common and generate squares like bee hives and houses for a lot of people but with no individuality.

Project by: 3ndy Studio
Interior Design: Giuseppe Savio + 3ndy Studio
Location of project: Campolongo Maggiore (VE) – Italy
Client: Private
Year of completion: 2012
Area (square meters): 190 sqm
Use: Residential
Main contractor: Impresa Carlo Pampagnin
Photos: 3ndy Studio