Sliding House

This house is made up of two architectural volumes, one of them is rectangular and makes an L with the other trapezoidal volume, which assures a correct solar exposition for the most lived-in rooms. The large living room with the kitchen, which is located at the lower floor, creates an only open space which is opened towards south-west through big windows, while the services zone is set on the north. The southward windows face towards a shelter covered by a sliding curtain. The volumes are characterized by sticking out parts, made of natural covering materials. This house has a nice style and design, even in the most daring decisions, and it fits perfectly with the way of thinking of the customers, who accepted each bold purpose as long as functional. By this project our office learnt that the prestige of a house comes from the initiative of the customer and the idea of the planner and it is fulfilled by the judgment of who looks at it.

Project name: Sliding House
Project by: 3ndy Studio
Interior Design: Giuseppe Savio + 3ndy Studio
Location of project: Camponogara (VE) – Italy
Client: Private
Year of completion: 2015
Area (square meters): 250 sqm
Use: Residential
Main contractor: Bertiato srl
Photos: 3ndy Studio