Steel House

A custom-made designed space, an intimate place, located in the middle of the Venetian countryside, where you can combine well-being, beauty and functionality. The freedom of expressing the aesthetic features interacts harmoniously with the surrounding environment, creating light shapes and bright spaces that relate to continuity with the external nature.
The construction is a single-storey building with a courtyard facing the garden and the swimming pool. Its wide glazed walls permit to the light and the air to come in and, during the summer months, they create a perfect internal-external continuum. The big porch hosts an outdoor living room with a fireplace. Each compositional element, such as the indoor fireplace, have been designed for the client, a qualified blacksmith of the Veneto region, that has realized them with its own hands. The name of the house, which is “Steel house”, comes from that particular feature. The flat roof of the house has been studied with the aim of minimize the impact on the territory and, at the same time, hosting the solar and photovoltaic panels that makes the house an independent kind of facility from an energy point of view. This villa is a good example of how the charm of the contemporary architecture can get involved into any urban context, enhancing it in the respect of the environment, intended as eco-sustainability and integration with the landscape.

Project name: Steel House
Project by: 3ndy Studio
Location of project: Fossò (VE) – Italy
Client: Private
Year of completion: 2010
Area (square meters): 190 sqm
Use: Residential
Main contractor: BR di Busato Riccardo
Photos: 3ndy Studio